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Today saurik posted an update to Netatalk. It’s now version 2.0.3-5 and it’s a siginificant update — we now have real root access! That means we can now connect as either the root user or as the mobile user while previously we can only connect as the mobile user.

If you have followed my instructions on how to gain access to root in this post, please read its update on how to revert the changes made, otherwise you can only log in as the mobile user (which is quite okay.)

Unfortunately, it still shows up as “localhost” instead of your device’s actual name. But that’s a minor issue and we have the work-around; simply toggle AFP off and on it again using the BossPrefs plugin.

Late Nite Update: I spent the entire saturday evening trying to figure out the “localhost” isssue and got myself really stoned reading a bunch of technical thingy I don’t have any clues on. Sigh.

But lady luck is by my side and I’m pretty sure I’ve found the fix! Hooray.

I’m not putting up the fix here as I feel I should let Saurik (the maintainer of Telesphoreo) double-check it first. So I’m going to shoot him an email about it, and hope to see a version 2.0.3-6 soon.