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What’s a Firefly? The long answer is here.

The short answer is it’s one of my favorite app for my iPod touch (it works in iPhone as well.) It’s a Wi-Fi media server where you can stream your device’s iTunes library to any computer (Mac, PC & Linux) running iTunes (or compatible.) With Firefly, a room-full of people can enjoy your portable iTunes music collection!

firefly-waiUnfortunately, the Firefly package in Cydia doesn’t set up the server for you and there’s no convenient way to turn it on and off.

So I wrote an installation script that will automatically set up the server for you, packaged it with a BossPrefs’ Toggle so you can toggle the server on and off in BossPrefs. Then I whipped up an iPhone edition of its Web Admin Interface because the standard one was desperately crying for an update! Finally I make sure I can tell that the server is running at a glance. Voila, a status bar notifier icon is included! What more can you ask for?

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I was very excited when blog reader Joshua tipped me off that the Firefly Media Server for iPhone/iPod touch firmware 2.x is now available in the Cydia installer. I have been waiting for it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out-of-the-box. I have no idea why the current Cydia release (version doesn’t include the necessary configuration files nor properly set up the server for us. But I figured it out, and here’s the how-to:

Firstly, please set your firmware 2.x device (refer to this post for instructions for firmware 1.1.x) to “Never” Auto-Lock. This is necessary because on first-run, the server will index and create a database of your music files and the process takes a long time. Interrupting the process may result in strange behaviour.

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