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The previous version just doesn’t work on Jailbroken iPod touch 1.12.

Today a new version of Cutomize is released and I have it running smoothly. See? I used it to customize my Dock to have 5 apps. You can have up to 9 icons (yes, they overlap), or none at all. This and other customizations for iPod touch, including re-ordering icons, are now possible in this excellent app.

Go bling it. Installer-> Utilities: Customize


It’s normal for Customize to seemingly hang and then break out and return to the Springboard the first time you launch it. Just re-launch it a second time, and wait patiently (about 30 seconds). It will eventually loads and runs. Customize will load swiftly from the third launch onwards.


  1. I have tried three sources that list the Customize app. When I added them to my Sources list and refreshed, I got lots of other apps, but no Customize. These sources are:

    Where can I find a source?

  2. I get my Customize from the second source you listed above, . 🙂 That’s the very popular STE Packaging repository.

    Did you refresh your sources after adding it? Look for Customize under the Utilities category.

  3. I just checked the version of that I had installed and found to my disgust that I had capitalized the p in iphone.

    Made the change and no more problems. Thanks for your help

  4. Haha. “Auto-Capitalization” can be annoying when typing an url address but is otherwise handy. You can disable it in Settings -> General: Keyboard

  5. hey rupert, may i know the theme you were using in the picture above? thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Alex! That’s not a Theme. It’s just an old Wallpaper I had.

  7. hey rupert,

    Do you still have the wallpaper? I love the colour and the style of it.
    So I’m wondering if you can give me a link to where i can download this. thanks !

  8. I certanly do, Alex. Yah, I liked the style very much too. Here, enjoy it.

  9. i’ve made the customize icon invisible along with the rest of my “custome” apps, how do i get them back? please help, thanks

  10. @silence

    Hmmm… Customize lets you hide itself eh? That’s silly programming. 🙂

    I think one way would be to uninstall Customize? *Hopefully* it is smart enough to revert all changes to default before uninstalling itself!

    But I think you best bet is ask the author, hopefully he’ll realize the silliness about it.

  11. PLEASE!!!! I NEED HELP! EMAIL ME WITH AMSWER!!! Ok i bought the new %20 system for ipod touch and i have 1.1.3. but i want the installer app so i can get customise!!!! but i cant figure it out! please email me and give me like a web site of directions on how to do it! thanks!!!!!!

  12. I got customizer installed but it wont let me change my walpaper and there are no other things I can use for anything except default icons…

  13. @323k13l

    What’s your firmware version?

    In any case, you can manually make the changes without Customize.

  14. Thanks for the wiki, but where do i get to that on my ipod?

  15. @323k13l

    Oh, how silly; they omitted that critical info in the wiki. 🙂

    All those files goes into the following folder:


  16. Hi there,

    Marvelous website, well done!

    One question: I have an ipod touch and can’t find customize (I don’t have “utilities” in categories actually)…any clue?

  17. ok I have it now with

    thanks anyway, wonderful job 😉

  18. ok I have it now with

    I installed customized, but I can’t have 5 icons in the dock with 1.1.3, is it normal?

  19. @x-or

    did you install the Community Sources package or updated it?

    That’s right. You can’t have 5 docked icons in 1.1.3 firmware.

  20. sorry to post again…I know it’s not a forum…please forgive me :p

    I think that any changes made in Customize are not showing up on my Ipod touch 1.1.3, do you think there is a problem of compatibility? I may do something wrong but what?

    Thanks for your help

  21. Customize ver 1.2.1 isn’t compatible with 1.1.3, but there’s a work-around. You’ll have to search for it in places like

  22. which version customize is this?

  23. does anyone know the source to get customize??? ahhh i cant find it anywhere! please helppp

  24. CAN anyone help me please I cant find customize,
    I added all the sources that poeple mentioned on the top but I cant get customize..
    Do yu think its becuse I have 1.1.1?

  25. ® =) hey i found this site VERY usefull thx a bunch… i omly typed in “Customizer sorces for the ipod touch” and it linked strait to this website… thx again =)®

  26. ok rupert a few questions. How do I put a wall paper onto my ipod. And, is there anyway that I can customize my ipod with 1.1.4

  27. wow this site is old…

    go there amazing things you will seee!!!

    add me as a refferer

    I’m iTouch532

  28. lolz. the author hasn’t been seen for a while.
    i myself am at iptf as well. crazyvanya xD

  29. random question… what is the name of the theme that you have in the picture at the top of this page? I really like it 🙂

  30. I want to get customize but don’t even know where to go about getting it-help please?

  31. add-on to the question above-where do I get installer?

  32. @alex
    The theme is the Gee Theme. It’s on another page on this blog

    You gotta jailbreak your ipod to get installer.
    Don’t worry about the March update, it’s been fixed. Good luck!
    Then add: and then you can find the modded customize.

  33. serious problem!!!!!!!!!! With ipod touch. I made all icons invisible with customize including customize how do i get them back. Pls pls help!!!!!!!

  34. where can i get modded customize for 1.1.4 iphone? thanks!


  36. hey rupert,
    when i put in the link
    it says refresh failed, and prevents me to have the customize application. IS there another way to get it got firmware 1.1.1? can u please help me :p?

  37. anyone know any good sources that will add options for download in customize like slider skins and other cool stuff like that

  38. Hey i got a a ipod touch 2.1.1 non jailbroken can i get custimize thanks ❤

  39. >connor

    The short answer is no.

    Jailbreak it and enjoy all the benefits it brings!

  40. Rupert and connor:

    If he’s got 2.1.1, it means he’s got a 2G iPod. No jailbreak. Sorry connor.

  41. how do you get this??

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