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vncxp0987.pngDon’t get too excited; this is not a new Parallels Inc product but yes, we can control and operate Windows XP in our little toy. As a matter of fact, just about every apps you use in Mac OS X Leopard can be extended to the iPod touch. All you need is a nifty little app called VNsea. “Screen Sharing” on iPod touch!

It’s cool to see your OS X’s screen. Even cooler is you have full control over it, like launching apps, manipulate files etc. You substitute the missing mouse with multi-touch input. That sounds great, except the learning curve is steep. But if all you want is to do is look at your remote Mac via your iPod touch, install VNsea today! Here’s how to do it on Leopard:

  1. Install VNsea via the Installer. It’s under the Network category.
  2. In Mac OS X, launch System Preferences -> Sharing, and enable Screen Sharing.
  3. Take note of the VNC address in “Other users can access your computer at vnc:// or browse….”.
  4. Click the “Computer Settings…” button, and tick both options. Enter the password required for Screen Sharing.
  5. Launch VNsea and set it up as follows:
    • Tap + to add a new entry.
    • Name: Give it a name like “My iMac”
    • Address: Fill-in the vnc address you noted beforehand. Just the numerics “” – nothing in front.
    • Password: Fill-in the same Screen Sharing password you entered just now.
    • Display: 0 (Change to 1 if you have a second monitor connected on your remote Mac and you want to see its screen instead.)
    • Share: ON (Lol. I haven’t quite figure out what this does. 😀 )
    • View Only: ON (Toggle off to View and Control the remote Mac.)
    • Pixel Depth: 16 (higher depth will give better display quality but slows down the refresh rate. 16 is a good compromise.).
    • All done.
  6. Now tap on “My iMac” and let the fun begins!



  • Mac OS X Tiger users:

    I only have one old Mac running on Tiger, and I can VNsea to it. However, my Tiger’s Screen Sharing setup is bundled under the Apple Remote Desktop app. Hence, it seems to me Screen Sharing is not available to Tiger users unless you have ARD installed. Look up “Chicken of the VNC” as a freeware open-source alternative for VNC.

  • Windows Users:

    Buy a Mac.



  1. I love the “Windows Users: Buy a Mac.” part. Greetz!

  2. This is hardly “running Windows XP on the iPod touch”.

  3. If your mac OS is so great why don’t you make the iPod touch run it instead of Windows XP? 😛

  4. What do ya mean, dude? The iPod does run OS X underneath it.

    If it runs Windows… the iPod would be a, ya know…,

    … Zune.

    Do you want that?

  5. “I love the “Windows Users: Buy a Mac.” part. Greetz!”

    i’m sorry to desapoint you José Manuel but i’ve easely done it using pc with VNC server and vista. So, it’s possible to runn it in windows-pc.

    Comprimentos, MiRaMaR

  6. Yah, but can your Vista run Mac OS X? I betcha you can’t. Mac users kick Vista. We run your entire OS plus all its running programs as an app along with our other apps! How cool is that?

    • Was “Mac” and “Cool” used in the same paragraph? LuLz. Apple, Crash Different. ❤

  7. actually you can, take a look atthis site

  8. How does this compare to Telekinesis?
    I have been having difficulty getting either program to work outside of my home network.

  9. Hi Kyle, VNSea and Telekinesis are similar apps but behaves somewhat differently. If you ask me, VNSea lets you control everything in your OS X while Telekinesis’ control is limited.

    If you have more than one Mac on your home network, then you must set your Router to forward port 5200 for VNSea (5010 for Telekinesis iPhone Remote) to the particular Mac you want to control. And of course, your Firewall must not block the said port number. I did all that and I can VNsea into my Mac from anywhere in the world using my iPod touch.

  10. i’m still having a probleam with vnsea and windows… is that i need to accept the connection from my windows, otherwise it will fail authentication…

  11. what do i have to do with tiger? ._.

  12. was hard but i find how i try with a program called vnc server and it works fine thank you

  13. This is great! I like it, I am going to try it after I get my touch!


  14. HELLO:

    Is it possible to actually have Windows/Linux/OSX running ON an iPod Touch? That would be really cool. I know it is possible on a PSP, I’ve seen one. Since Rupert said OSX apps work on the iPod Touch, is there a way to actually be running an Operating System on an iPod Touch (via tap an icon)?

    Sweet!! 😛


  15. Umm where do download VNC? Whats the Installer?

  16. Where it says”Other users can access your computer at vnc://” mine says numbers with letetr like for example :45:f9:e2:b5:8 and when i put it in the host part and then click ok it says: could not connect to server and can’t assign requested address :connect what do i do?

  17. wait i put the example wrong it appears like this: 00-45-f9-e2-b5-5c.lan/ somebody help plz

  18. !You!,

    Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi-> Your Wi-fi network: Details -> Static: IP Address

  19. How do i install VNC so i can have or run Windows XP ? so i can see and use xp on my touch. please help.

  20. hey there,
    i cant get VNsea to work through my leopard firewall. Everything is fine, whenever i turn the built in firewall in leopard off, but with it runing i can not connect. Any ideas?

    greetings, dk

  21. yea i try to download VNsea from the installer. at first it says that it is from an untrusted source, and i ignore it and press install. then a pop up says “Error: Package download failed!” what does this mean?

  22. @Cory

    The repo could be down. Try again.

    Alternatively, you could have another app in your Installer Queue. So tap on “Clear All Queues” and try again.

  23. In order to run WIndows on ipod touch u need somthing called ultrasVNC google this and downlaod it free…. install it and your done… it is the best way i have found so far!

  24. How do you run server2003,xp or vista on an ipod touch.Our website doesnt tell.opur just showing off.Meannnnnnnnnnn

  25. hi.
    i’ve got a little problem.
    when i want to connect to my “iMac” says my ipod that he can’t connect with the server, port 5900.

    what can i do?

  26. @karner:

    Your IP address may have changed. Go to System Preferences > Sharing, and go to the Screen Sharing option. Then, read where it says “Other users can access your computer at vnc://”. That’s the address you use for VNC.

  27. it doesn’t work 😦

  28. Hmmm… Are your computer and iPod both on a wireless Internet connection of some kind?

  29. lol, some took your name M.

  30. No, V, that was me from a different computer.

  31. LOL my bad

  32. 2 quick things

    1) instead of other users can access your cpu at vnc://….. it says afp://

    2) i dont see the computer settings button

    please help =( i really want to do this on my ipod but im having trouble

  33. i cant even find where it lets me enable screen sharing >.< idk why i cant find these things i clicked on system preferences and the sharing folder

  34. no

  35. great post.

    now i can run windows xp on my ipod


  36. Don’t funckin tell the reader not to get too excited. Don’t ask why i told you that either.

  37. Hallo.
    my english is not as good to understand everything. Could you please give me the translation in german? I don’t understand lots of thinks in my iPhone and I
    need help to work with it. I’m missing a “Benutzerhandbuch” as I’m used too with all the handys
    I have had in my life. I am 74 years old and I need help to use every nice positions in my iphon.
    Thanks for your help.How can I do my old handy adress in iPhone?
    and lots of other questions.
    I love my IPhone and would like to use it. By and thanks Rena

  38. Hallo Rena, ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber Google kann. Klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link und Google wird auf Deutsch übersetzen Englisch für Sie.

  39. Soo cool

  40. Soo cool to have it

  41. LOL @ Steve. Mac Users Kick Vista? Lolololololololol. For one that doesn’t make sense. Two, I can understand your internet shortstupidism a bit. But, PC will always rape Macintosh. Can’t upgrade your iMac can you? LOL! Let’s got a better part, OH WAIT! YOU CAN’T! HAHAHA! And yes, Vista CAN run Mac OSX, but no one wants to buy the piece of crap NOR do people want to waste their time with such a crappy operating system. Go back to your fail, overpriced, non-expansionable Mac. LoLoLoLoL.

  42. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog
    and I am impressed! Extremely helpful info particularly the last part
    🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a
    very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  43. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this blog post. It was inspiring.

    Keep on posting!

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