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5icons1There’s a SpringBoard tweak you can install via Cydia that lets you place up to five icons on the Dock. “Fits even more stuff right down there”, so says its description. 🙂 Personally, I prefer to keep just 4 icons on my Dock. It’s less crampy. This tweak, however, still comes in handy in another way. With just 4 docked icons, I’ve a spare slot to temporarily move in another app, which I can then quickly switch to another page before moving the app out to its final destination. It’s a done deal! The app has been moved to a far away page very quickly. Without this tweak, I had to swap one of four docked icons out first, then sneak in the app, switch pages, sneak the app out, switch back to the original page, and swap the icon back in. It’s been a drag.

You can find “Five Icon Dock” in Cydia’s “Tweaks” section.


  1. And, if you play your cards right, you can make them into a sweet CoverFlow style like this:

  2. >thegpc

    Hey, that’s very nice. I did tried a package by iSpazio that do similar… to find out they are actually static icons only. I had the impression any icons I put up in the dock will be “coverflow-ed”.

    Is yours that package?

  3. Rupert:

    No, it’s not. But I did recreate the templates used, and can now make any 5 icons into a customized DockFlow. I’ve got a thread going for it on a forum. I’d definitely be willing to make anyone here one as well.

    Yea, it’s upsetting that they are only static… But it’s still cool to look at. Maybe one day…

  4. >thegpc

    It’ll be fantastic if you can set up a site to dynamically create those cover-flowed icons for us. The coverflow dock is very cool but that icon package is’t for everybody. Afterall, not everyone share the same five icons. Myself I need the Calendar app as I want ready access to today’s date.

    In line with this, I wish someone can make an add-on that bounces the launching app like it does in OS X. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  5. Rupert:

    A site to dynamically create them is WAY out of my league. Right now I’m just running an email request service, since now that I perfected my templates it takes about five minutes to cook one up.

    Calendar is a bit tricky… It works for the middle icon (with some clever .plist-ing to make it fit), but on one of the sides the icon is tilted while the text stays normal… It’s weird. I’m working on a fix.

    As for bouncing apps… It might be interesting, but remember that, unlike OS X’s Dock, iPhone OS’s Springboard can launch apps from all over, not just the Dock. It might be a bit harder to isolate those, and, more importantly, make the function carry over when docked apps are switched out for other apps. Maybe we could get the guy who made MobileStack to work on it.

  6. – thegpc

    I think that’s cool.


    I think you should make a GeeTheme like what thegpc suggested.

  7. That CoverFlow is nice!

  8. Thats cool, it looks so nice too!

  9. Cool

  10. Very cool ! Thanks !

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