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The new Cydia source uri:

A big thank you to Jay Freeman (saurik) of Telesphoreo for hosting my Cydia source’s package is in order, especially when he’s still recovering from sickness. Get well soon!

signed2You can now get all my themes and apps by installing the “RupertGee” source package from Cydia’s “Repositories” section. It’s kinda weird (for me) to keep seeing messages to the effect “Installing RupertGee”. Am I a freeware or shareware now? Exactly what do I do? Very funny Jay! The repo’s full name is “RupertGee iCydia”! πŸ™‚

In the past 2 days, some of you have manually added my repo’s source. I suggest you remove that entry and go install the source package.


After installing the “RupertGee” source with the abovementioned package, all downloads you get is verified for authenticity.

Oh, now I know. I’m a little guy inside your device with a pen busy checking and signing packages to protect you from faked wannabes RupertGee. I hope I get Christmas Day off!

minignupg1Enjoy my repo; one of only a handful of repos that sign their packages. [… and the first ever to get shut down by its web host for having excessive activities merely hours into its operation! 😦 ]


  1. hey, each time i try to install your source, i get an error: Source Error Sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2)
    Is there any way to fix this?

  2. Congrats Rupert! Keep up the great work!

  3. Also, when you says to uninstall the source package, does that mean that anything that we installed from that source should also be removed and reinstalled from your new source?

  4. Rupert:

    …Are you aware that has gone down?

    I tried to install your source form Cydia, with no luck. Then, I tried reinstalling manually. Failed again. Then, I came here to try to access the web version, and THAT wasn’t working. Then, I simply typed in the host name, and I got a Page Load Error in Firefox. Meaning, usually, that the site’s been taken offline.

    Just thought you might want to know.

  5. >thegpc

    My host is saying there’s a DoS attack and he has to suspend the account. We work through the night but he subsequently removed the domain from the name server because the “attack” isn’t letting down.

    I’ll try to do something about it … once I’m rested.


  6. >Mr. J

    When you uninstall the source only, the installed themes and apps remain in your device and are not affected.

    Do not remove or re-install the themes and apps becoz my repo is down and you can’t get the apps or themes for now!

  7. Rupert:

    Oh no! That’s awful. I’m sorry. Can I help at all?

  8. Hi Rupert, bit of a newbie here, wondering if you can help.

    Have successfully jailbroken 3G iPhone and installed Netatalk and OpenSSH.

    Been able to log in and access files as mobile/alpine and mobile/root with a mac.

    Suddenly this evening when browsing various directories, I have lost access to the root dir when logging in as both mobile and root.

    I also have mobilefinder installed on my iPhone and wonder if this might have some conflict errors with permissions.

    When browsing on the mac in finder, and connected, the rood dir is present as a share point, but when clicked contains zero items, although the file usage size can be displayed in ‘get info’ so it’s not empty.

    I am unable to change access permissions in ‘get info’ and as a result have no access.

    Have reset the iPhone from within iPhone settings, still no access, just reset all my prefs and winterboards.

    Any bright spark able to help? I’d REALLY appreciate it – four hours of annoyance and frustration thus far!!

    If all fails should I ….a) restore via iTunes or b) re-jailbreak.

    With either method, should I change my root/mobile passwds back to alpine prior to this (they’ve currently been changed for security)

    In anticipation….


    Some advice has been given here, but it hasn’t solved the netatalk/finder issues.

  9. >killerbeets

    You posted in the wrong section. My reply is here:

  10. >thegpc

    That’s so thoughtful of you.

    I’m still having an issue with my host. It’s probably not a DoS attack but without access to log I can’t prove it.

    Sigh. Will be busy with work the next days but once I get a change I’ll have to set up the repo with another host.

    Meanwhile, all the .deb are uploaded to for anyone interested.

    To install, upload the .deb to your device’s /tmp folder (create it first if it doesn’t exists)

    Next ssh as root into your device, and execute the following terminal command:

    dpkg -i /tmp/filename.deb

    You can delete the .deb from your device after that.

  11. Rupert:

    Well, I do what I can.

    I would offer up my website (I’ve got one lying around) if you needed one. It’s a Bravenet site though.

  12. Yeah Rupert,

    The your repo is still down. I will have to enter it in manually. But i hope you can get it back working. It truely does help alot. I spend a while trying to SSH Themes and Firefly and other stuff while now I can install it with a push of a button. I hope that I can help in anyway I can.

    Mr. J

  13. Rupert,

    Using the .deb files with ssh worked great. Thanks for the instructions. Great themes!


  14. I can’t find your source in Cydia…

  15. Bobby:

    It got taken down, due to the recent host upheaval.

  16. Hi,

    Any chance that the package will be back?

  17. When will it be back?


  18. >everybody

    It’s been back for two days a new server with a new domain name.

    The Cydia source url is as follow:


    Please for now temporarily add the above source url by hand, and to remove the entry once the Source Package is available directly in Cydia in the next days.

  19. >thegpc

    Sorry I’ve been extra busy.

    Thanks for the offer. The old repo was on one of my disused host and it’s just not good enough. 😦 Merely hours after the Source Package was available in Cydia the overwhelming traffic brought it down and pissed off my host. Ha ha ha.

    I’ve set up the repo under a new host with paid help to maintain it. Hopefully… it’ll last more than an hour. πŸ™‚ Saurik has been informed of the new URL but I thin he’ll still not well enough to update the source package. So… eager ones gotta manually add the url by hand for now.

  20. Rupert:

    Okay. Just so you know, I’ve been reading up on repo stuff, so if you ever need someone to help maintain, shoot me an email.

  21. Thank, thegpc. You’ll need linux for sure. Thank goodness we have Parallels Desktop.

  22. Rupert:

    I’ve already got Ubuntu running in Parallels. ^_^

  23. >rupert

    After updating to firmware 2.2 have noticed your source is missing from source list in cydia…also netatalk toggle listing missing…tried manual install via manage sources but get message back that cannot find URL as may be a legacy package… Is there a 2.2 compatibility problem here?

  24. Ontem GUI a Praia

  25. hey the source is offline…
    i just wanted the theme ” temi frau ” can someone send me the theme ? 😦

    Is there a new source of rupertgee or redwolfberry ?

    greetz xx tina xx

  26. i just wanted the theme ” temi frau ” can someone send me the theme ? 😦

    Is there a new source of rupertgee or redwolfberry ?

    pls email me :

    greetz xx tina xx

  27. Hhfuhgfcvjhfd

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