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I’m working on an updated Gee Theme for the latest iPod touch with firmware 1.1.3.

I hope you like the teaser.



  1. I would loose the badge. Love your other version, but would like it more without badge.

  2. It looks better then default gee theme πŸ˜‰ But whats the difference between theme for 1.1.3 and for 1.1.1 / 2??

  3. im having trouble with my iPod Touch v 1.1.1 when i download summerboard or springboard or themes they dont work because when i download one od the themes from installer and choose which i want and then when the iPod goes back to the “slide to unlock” and i slide the thing nothing has changed pls help!!

  4. Keep the badge.
    I love the old theme, and based on what I’m seeing I’m going to love the new one too.
    Good work Rupert, can’t wait to see the whole deal.

  5. Oh yes, the badge will defnitely stay. It’s what sets the theme apart from others.


  6. @watterman

    I’m kinda embarrased about the different. I set out to redesign the theme because I thought it’s not possible to remove the last row. Afterall, that option has been removed from the 1.1.3 compatible Summerboard. After all the work, Trevor told me in a comment post elsewhere in the blog that it’s still possible; just “wiggle” the icons to the next page yourself!


  7. Will you make it available for 1.1.2? The only reason I haven’t upgraded to 1.1.3 is that my home button has been screwing up. and dont want to lose all my apps…would take far too long πŸ˜› and then again im scared of compatibility..

  8. Oh yes, there’s no change to the download zip file. In fact, I planned to release the updated wallpaper as a standalone download.

    To be frank, if you’re not the curious kind, wait for the “final” jailbreak. All the existing methods are creating havoc in the community.

    Go to an Apple Store and see for yourself how cute the wiggling icons are… but that’s about the only nice new feature in 1.1.3… but it’s really cute. My 9 years old niece asked me why the little icons are so afriad and shivering when I want to move them around. She’s so cute too. πŸ˜€

  9. Will this theme work with FW 1.1.1 also? I’d lose the badge for now, since it occupies another row, but still cool to have. Thanks!

    By the way, the thing with your niece asking you about the little icons is funny lol.

  10. @tabsfx

    Hahaha… and I’m not telling my niece the truth.

    Hey, you can lose the last row if you want. It’s asthetically more appealing to me without the last row. Just move the icons on the last row to the next page by dragging them, one by one, to the right edge of your screen and hold it there for a sec… and poof, it’s moved to the next page.

    If you want, you can even leave the 2nd and 3rd last rows empty! The old Summerboard can’t do that for us. πŸ™‚

  11. I’m still using FW 1.1.1 too lazy to upgrade to 1.1.3, will this theme work for 1.1.1 also? I think this theme looks better, with the preview.

  12. @tabsfx

    Oh yes, the updated look work in all versions of firmware.

    Get it here:

  13. Getting them now, thanks so much! =)

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